Payroll Accounting

KFDS Trust and Tax Consulting Ltd. offers the following services together with the payroll accounting services of Buchholz/Lenz Ltd:

  1.    Preparation of regular wage and payroll accounts
  2.    Control over the wage accounts and current data maintenance
  3.    Monthly evaluations
  4.    Payroll journal
  5.    Income tax registration
  6.    Construction Pay
  7.    Contribution statements for the health insurance companies
  8.    Payment medium for employees, health insurance, supplementary benefits, tax offices
  9.    Reports to Social Insurance, registration and deregistration, reports about changes
  10.   Year-end evaluations with the certificate of annual income in the income tax card
  11.   Annual reports to pension insurance and professional associations
  12.   Supplying escorts to examinations in tax authorities, artists’ social insurance, social security funds and professional associations
  13.   Complete form filling, earnings statements
  14.   Consulting on marginally employed und temporary employees
  15.   Minimum wage
  16.   Consulting in payroll accounting for secondment of personnel from abroad / labor immigration
  17.   Consulting in case of foreign employees
  18.   Consulting on issues related to income tax and social security
  19.   Consulting on issues related to “false” self-employment
  20.   Counting of the total burden on employers
  21.   Individual salary settings
  22.   Consulting the employees before choosing tax classes
  23.   Correspondence of all authorities
  24.   Consulting on pension contributions, pension provision