Business Start-up

KFDS Trust and Tax Consulting Ltd. will advise and look after you right from the start. Among other things we offer:

  1.    Choice of legal form (GmbH, AG, GmbH and Co KG)
  2.    Consulting on corporate and other business start-ups
  3.    Assisting in the preparation of business concepts
  4.    Earnings planning, capital requirements planning and financial planning
  5.    Cost / benefit analysis, liquidity calculation
  6.    Reporting and recording requirements, permits, licenses
  7.    Recognition of personal requirements, suitability for starting a business
  8.    Assisting in personnel decisions
  9.    Size of managing directors’ compensation
  10.   Support in discussions with banks
  11.   Assisting in establishing financial and filing systems
  12.   General management consultancy
  13.   Funding programs