Current tax consultancy and annual financial statements:

  1.   Creation of annual financial statements or advisory cooperation in the preparation of financial statements with or without explanatory notes, as well as appendix
  2.    Creation of special and supplementary balance sheets, opening and interim balance sheets, dissolution balance sheets
  3.    Completion of net income method for freelancers, small businesses
  4.    Preparation of simplified financial statements
  5.    Determination of surplus of any other kind
  6.    Letting and leasing
  7.    Capital assets
  8.    Employed labor
  9.    Other income under the Income Tax Act
  10.   Drafting of all ongoing tax return statements
  11.          Income Tax
             Corporate Tax
             Trade Tax
             Sales Tax
             Tax Assessment
             other taxes

  12.   Representing in tax matters versus all tax authorities and management of all correspondence
  13.   Review of tax assessments and administrative acts of all financial authorities, professional associations, chambers of commerce, as well as chambers of craft
  14.   Development of applications of all kinds, such as deferral, remission, etc.
  15.   Assistance and support in the event of external tax audits. Audits by the social insurance agencies, professional associations or employment centers
  16.   Conducting appeals / opposition proceedings before the fiscal courts
  17.   Obtaining binding information from tax authorities
  18.   Information on the current legal situation of certain tax issues
  19.   Representation before fiscal courts

Creative Tax Consulting

  1.    Choice of legal form and tax burden comparison
  2.    Planning and implementation of tax planning concepts in companies
  3.    Development of a tax-optimized sales concept
  4.    Tax optimization in the private asset transfer
  5.    Tax optimization in the transfer of business assets
  6.    Tax-orientated re-structuring of assets between business and private sphere
  7.    Company succession
  8.    Company valuation
  9.    Reorganizations, mergers, splits
  10.   Concepts of splitting and leasing
  11.   Corporate key figures and industry figures
  12.   Measures related to the anticipated succession
  13.   Employee participation models
  14.   Consulting in connection with investment aid and support measures
  15.   Consulting in crisis situations of your company
  16.   Analysis of presumed private costs in terms of business or partially business purposes
  17.   Advice on possibilities of approaches to lump sum payments
  18.   Drafting of contracts (between the related persons; managers’ employment contracts; leasing agreements, etc.)
  19.   Consulting on the impact of corporate and private decisions on the amount of your income taxes
  20.   Disputes in matters of company law